Beginners Water Colour and

Mixed Media Painting Course

Structured, step by step staged learning,

with instruction, demonstrations and

1/advice for exercises and projects.   

For complete beginners (part 1) and for those with just a little experience(part 2)

Part 1 -10 wks. Starts Thursday 15th  September

Session times 1-3pm,  Course fee £105              

Will Include, layering and wet into wet techniques, The basic  colour wheel and mixing varying secondary  colours.  Using tonal values for to describe 3 dimensional  form.

Part 2 – 12 wks. Starts Thursday 1st December  

Session times 1-3pm. Course fee £126

Will include, wet into wet and using resist techniques. Mixing tertiary colours, using complements contrasts, and creating depth in your painting.

Intermediate Water Colour and

Mixed Media Painting Course

Structured, step by step staged learning,

with  instruction, demonstrations and 1/1

advice for  exercises and course projects.  

For those with beginner level skills and experience.                                           

Part 1 -10 wks. Starts Monday 12th September

Session times 1-3pm. Course fee £105

Will include, intermediate water colour techniques, progressing  from existing skills.  The extended colour wheel,  and breaking the rules of distance.

Part 2 – 12 wks. Starts Monday 28th November

Session times 1-3pm.  Course fee £126

Will include, mixed media  and furthering resist techniques, mixing greens, and creating and using textures In a painting

Beginners Acrylic Painting Techniques    New Course

An ideal course for those who are new to Acrylic paints.  This course will focus on a variety of painting techniques that may be used with this adaptable and expressive painting medium.  It can be painted onto numerous different surfaces using a variety of techniques. Techniques such as “alla prima”, layering, blending and underpainting, will be taught in a step by step approach.  You will be surprised at the broad range of effects that are possible with acrylic paints and the paintings you will produce.

Level: Beginners

10 wks. Starts Tuesday 1st November

Session times 10-12am. Course fee £105 Special Introductory Price of £85

Painted by former student Verity Darby acrylic inks on canvas

Painters Workshop “Using Acrylic Inks and Paint”

A very popular topic using the versatile acrylic paints. We will include both soft bodied, and heavy bodied acrylic paints, and acrylic inks. You may use whichever of these suits your taste. Each type of acrylic has particular characteristics and a range of possible techniques. It may be used mixed with water or medium for transparent effects or applied more thickly for an opaque result. There are also a range of acrylic mediums that can be explored, which alter the properties of the paint to modify its characteristics. Your choice of subject matter is completely open. Why not try something new to help you either try out acrylics for the first time or expand your existing knowledge and skills.

Level: Post Intermediate / Advanced

10 wks. Starts Wednesday 14th September  

Session times 1-3pm. Course fee £105

Painting by student Norman Harries

Painters Workshop “Night Scenes”

They are simpler than you might imagine. Think, outdoors….. think lighting of some type, man-made or natural and there you have it. Not a lot to it really! You may use any medium, although my demonstrations are usually in water colour, I can help you out with whichever medium you choose. Creating interesting darks will be an important element that we’ll focus on as well as the placement of your lighting and most importantly a thoughtful choice of subject matter. There are lots of possible subjects you could paint as a night scene, just consider the possibilities.

Level: Post Intermediate / Advanced

10 wks. Starts Wednesday 7th December  

Session times 1-3pm. Course fee £105


The venue is easy to get to, there is lots of space for (free) parking and the facilities are modern and clean.

Learn to Draw

Having enjoyed drawing immensely at school (in the 70’s), I’d only picked up a pencil a few times since and was disappointed because I couldn’t get ‘in the Zone’.  I thought what little skill I ‘d had was gone.  Kay’s structured and intelligent tuition reached into the bit of my brain that I thought was lost and gradually the skill returned.  It was astonishing to see what we all produced week after week.  Best of all, I regained that lovely feeling of being really alert but totally relaxed at the same time.  A lovely group of people.

Beginner’s Watercolour

I learned so much: choosing materials; stretching paper; different washes; really understanding colour mixing – and with only six tubes of paint.  I’d never used water colour before and found it very different – a bit like painting with smoke! – But Kay explained everything and it was very exciting and rewarding.  The lessons are a lovely mix of theory, demonstration and practical activities.  I’ve since looked at many books and they don’t even touch on half the really important stuff that Kay does in this course.




Intermediate Watercolour

I thought I’d learned loads on the beginners’ course but I developed and learned so much more on this one (still with only six tubes of paint).  The colour mixing lessons are inspired and should be on the national curriculum.  There are loads of opportunities to ask questions and try out the techniques.  Kay is so good at explaining things and encourages you to develop your own style.