Intermediate Acrylic Techniques – Part 1 New Course

A series of inspiring projects, to further a student’s understanding and skills in Acrylic techniques. The learning is a progression from the beginner level course and will use the skills and techniques previously learnt, in conjunction with lots of new techniques. Kay has a new series of projects that will challenge and delight you, with popular subject choices; painting glass, reflections in still water and a beach scene. You’ll need to find some more wall space to hang all your new paintings!

Part 1
Level: Intermediate

12 wks. Starts Tuesday 12th September  

Session times 1-3pm. Course fee £138

Part 2

Level: Intermediate

8 wks. Starts Tuesday 2nd January 2018

Session times 1-3pm. Course fee £92

Beginners Acrylic Techniques

A great starter course for those who would like to paint in this popular medium. It consists of series of rewarding projects, teaching students a range of basic acrylic techniques, supported by colour mixing skills. Each project will introduce you to one or two new techniques, which together with clearly illustrated handouts will help you to work step by step; resulting in the finished painting. The “Pink Lady” pictured, is project number two and, ………… yes you can; really!

Part 1:
Level: Beginners

13wks. Starts Friday 15th September 2017

Session times 1-3pm. Course fee £150

Part 2:
Level: Beginners

8wks. Starts Friday 5th January 2018

Session times 1-3pm. Course fee £92

Painters Workshop – Painting Emotion using Colour

A whole new world of creative possibilities, comes with the knowledge of how to use colour in a painting. Colour is a powerful and emotive tool, which we can harness to make our paintings more effective in portraying emotion. Colour allows us to depict a wide range of emotions.
Students can paint in any medium and a subject matter that can be linked to any emotion.

Level: Post Intermediate/Advanced

10 wks. Starts Wednesday 13th September

Session times 10-12am. Course fee £115

Painters Workshop – Townscapes

The current students have chosen the topic of “Townscapes” for this course and would like to invite you to join them.
We shall be considering the possibilities that this topic can include. Think beyond the borders for this subject to include; different viewpoints, weather and lighting conditions, and countries. It can include any types of building, from a quiet village to a busy city.
Townscapes can be given an added interest by looking out for interesting features such as a busy colourful market scene, streets of historic interest, or a special feature such as a clock tower or a fountain. People will often feature in townscapes.
We shall of course include the “dreaded” area of perspective but with a leaning towards the way an artist sees things, … rather than an architect. So nothing very technical!

Level: Post Intermediate/Advanced

10 wks. Starts Wednesday 6th December

Session times 1-3pm. Course fee £115

Beginners Water Colour and

Mixed Media Painting Course

Structured, step by step staged learning,

with instruction, demonstrations and

1/advice for exercises and projects.   

For complete beginners (part 1) and for those with just a little experience(part 2)

Part 1 -10 wks. Starts Monday 11th  September

Session times 1-3pm,  Course fee £115              

Will Include, layering and wet into wet techniques, The basic  colour wheel and mixing varying secondary colours. Using tonal values for to describe 3 dimensional  form.

Part 2 – 12 wks. Starts Monday 27th November

Session times 1-3pm. Course fee £138

Will include, wet into wet and using resist techniques. Mixing tertiary colours, using complements contrasts, and creating depth in your painting.

Intermediate Water Colour and

Mixed Media Painting Course

Structured, step by step staged learning,

with  instruction, demonstrations and 1/1

advice for  exercises and course projects.  

For those with beginner level skills and experience.                                           

Part 1 -10 wks. Starts Thursday 14th September

Session times 1-3pm. Course fee £115

Will include, intermediate water colour techniques, progressing  from existing skills.  The extended colour wheel,  and breaking the rules of distance.

Part 2 – 12 wks. Starts Thursday 30th November

Session times 1-3pm.  Course fee £138

Will include, mixed media  and furthering resist techniques, mixing greens, and creating and using textures In a painting



The venue is easy to get to, there is lots of space for (free) parking and the facilities are modern and clean.

Beginners Acrylics Techniques

I was at Art School 50 years ago, but was, basically, put off painting due to lack of tuition. I went the 3 dimensional route instead. Teaching of technique was non-existent. Perhaps it still is. In my ancient years I am trying again.
I have been so impressed with Kay’s teaching methods, which I am sure will be similarly impressive when she is teaching oil and watercolour techniques. I cannot fault the content, structure or projects. All have been positive and appreciated. Kay’s knowledge of her subject is vast, her own work amazingly accomplished. I highly recommend her classes.

In addition, Kay should get a medal for her patience.

Liz Smith

Beginner’s Watercolour

I learned so much: choosing materials; stretching paper; different washes; really understanding colour mixing – and with only six tubes of paint.  I’d never used water colour before and found it very different – a bit like painting with smoke! – But Kay explained everything and it was very exciting and rewarding.  The lessons are a lovely mix of theory, demonstration and practical activities.  I’ve since looked at many books and they don’t even touch on half the really important stuff that Kay does in this course.




Intermediate Watercolour

I thought I’d learned loads on the beginners’ course but I developed and learned so much more on this one (still with only six tubes of paint).  The colour mixing lessons are inspired and should be on the national curriculum.  There are loads of opportunities to ask questions and try out the techniques.  Kay is so good at explaining things and encourages you to develop your own style.