Kay’s gallery

Kay Mullen has been a professional painter, in Epsom, Surrey, since 1986, (although her first paintings began at around 8 years old!).  At 17 yrs she gained her first commission.

The gallery shows a small selection of  past and present paintings.  Kay has worked in various media, including acrylics, pastels, and oils,but now tends towards water colour and mixed media work. More recently she has been enjoying the discoveries of working on silk, and using coloured pencils as the sole medium.

She paints both naturalistic and semi abstract work.  Her choice of subject matter is fairly broad although she is widely known for her floral paintings.  Kay makes a point of setting a new challenge at the start of each painting and this has enabled her to build up a wealth of skills and knowledge.

Kay has no formal art training;she enjoys learning by experimentation, with media, subject matter and techniques.

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