Painting by student Norman Harries
(This example, shows a full drawing supported by a little wash)

Line and Wash

Come and learn both drawing techniques suitable for use with pen, and water colour techniques to combine with the pen drawing. This is a traditional method of working a picture and many artists today use artists drawing pens. Why not try something a little different? You will have the opportunity to try feather, bamboo, stick, biro, and brush in addition to the more usual drawing pens. We’ll also cover pen techniques and ways of altering colour to create distance in your painting.

Level: Mixed

5 wks. Starts Monday 4th April  

Session times 1-3pm. Course fee £55


Painted by Kay Mullen


Painting Trees

Painting trees is an essential element of landscape painting. How to simplify what you see to the extent that suits you is an important aspect. Another area of difficulty can be mixing realistic greens no matter what the season or weather. We will focus on these areas by learning suitable water colour techniques, colour mixing principles and we’ll look at painting trees at varying distances.

Level: Mixed

5 wks. Starts Monday 16th May  

Session times 1-3pm. Course fee £55

Painted by student Linda Robertson


Reflections in Still Water

One of the most beautiful of subjects to paint. Creating realistic reflections in still water can be achieved using suitable water colour techniques together with the observation of colours seen. You’ll be shown a number of suitable techniques to create those lovely soft edges and how to mix the beautiful colours of reflections. By understanding some of the rules of reflections you will be able to observe and paint them more easily.

Level: Mixed

5 wks. Starts Thursday 19th May

Session times 1-3pm. Course fee £55

Painted by student Verity Darby, using coloured pencils

Free Choice

Any subject matter, any painting medium and any level of ability. One to one advice on your own painting project or, you can focus your learning on a specific aspect of painting. For example you might want to focus on backgrounds or wet into wet techniques. It could be anything you like as Kay has a broad knowledge base. Book in for any number of sessions.

Level: Mixed

10 wks. Starts Wednesday 1st June  

Session times 1-3pm. £10.50 per session


Teaching demonstration model for course

Bluebell Woods in Mixed Media

The glorious carpet of bluebells is hard to resist, and if you have ever walked through a bluebell wood you will know that the scent is equally compelling. During the day, the painting is built in easy to follow steps, using a combination of different media, over a water colour base. Each step is demonstrated by Kay who is an experienced, trained tutor and professional artist. Refreshments will be provided for both the morning and afternoon break. Please bring a packed lunch. You will use your own water colour paints and just a small additional charge is made for the use of other media provided.

Level: Mixed

1 Day. Monday 4th July  

Session time 9:30-4:30pm. Course fee £41.50


Drawing by Kay Mullen

Learn to Draw in Just 5 Lessons

A very effective course for anyone who would like to learn to draw, it produces excellent student results, year after year. You may be a complete beginner or someone who feels their drawing skills could be improved. Then this course is perfect for you. You will learn how to see and draw in the way an artist does. The course builds perceptual skills using some intriguing methods. These will allow you to draw more easily. By week five you will be ready to produce your final drawing project. An excellent first step if you intend to learn to paint.

Level: Beginner / Improver

5 wks. Starts Thursday 7th July  

Session times 9:30-4:30pm. Course fee £200


Painting by Kay Mullen

Painting Sunlight

Find out how painters capture the effects of sunlight, on any subject using water colours. We all love to paint the bright light of a summer’s day whether on a landscape, garden scene, floral or any other subject. There’s a lot more to observe than just bright colours. Learn how the colours and tonal values of a subject are altered by bright sunlight. You’ll be able to capture the effects of any subject, bathed in summer light.

Level: Mixed

5 wks. Starting Monday 18th July  

Session time 1-3pm. Course fee £55