Portrait Drawing

Come along and learn how to draw a portrait. You will learn the proportions of a face and positioning the features. How to draw eyes, noses, lips and hair, and then how to see and draw the shading that describes the shape of the face and its’ features.

Level: Mixed

5 wks. Starts Monday 16th April  

Session times 1-3pm. Course fee £57.50

Stretching Water Colour Paper

With water colour techniques its important to use water colour paper that you have stretched. This process involves taping paper after it has soaked in water, onto a wooden board. Paper will always cockle or forms waves when it is wet and, this creates all sorts of problems when applying any type of water soluble paint. The results are often disastrous! To avoid this, working on stretched paper allows you to paint freely using water soluble paint and prevents all of the frustrations and messy results. Once you have learnt this process,you’ll never want to paint on un-stretched paper again

Level: Mixed

1 Session. Friday 20th April 2018

Session time 1-2:3pm. Course fee £11

Wet into Wet Techniques

This is a technique that can be used with water colour paints, acrylic inks or acrylic paints. The technique creates the most fabulous soft edges and hazy effects that are often associated with water colour. This technique is painted onto stretched water colour paper which will ensure the success of the wet into wet technique. (I can teach you how to stretch paper on 20thApril). This technique is so beautiful to use and can be incorporated into any of your paintings.

Level: Mixed

5 wks. Starts Friday 11th May 2018

Session times 1-3pm. Course fee £57.50

Creative Colour

This course is designed to help you explore a more creative use of colour in your paintings. I have designed a number of methods by which you will be able to paint using colour in a way that is not necessarily realistic but will ensure that the colour scheme will still produce colours that are compatible with each other in your painting. It will encourage you to think outside the box! A thoroughly enjoyable course.

Level: Mixed

5 wks. Starts Tuesday 5th June  2018

Session times 1-3pm. Course fee £57.50

Free Choice

Any subject matter, any painting medium and any level of ability. One to one general or specific advice on your painting project. You can focus your learning on a particular aspect if you would like to target your learning. You book a place on any number of these eight, free choice sessions.

Level: Mixed

8 wks. Starts Wednesday 6th June 2018

Session times 1-3pm. Course fee £11.50 per session


The venue is easy to get to, there is lots of space for (free) parking and the facilities are modern and clean.

Beginners Acrylics Techniques

I was at Art School 50 years ago, but was, basically, put off painting due to lack of tuition. I went the 3 dimensional route instead. Teaching of technique was non-existent. Perhaps it still is. In my ancient years I am trying again.
I have been so impressed with Kay’s teaching methods, which I am sure will be similarly impressive when she is teaching oil and watercolour techniques. I cannot fault the content, structure or projects. All have been positive and appreciated. Kay’s knowledge of her subject is vast, her own work amazingly accomplished. I highly recommend her classes.

In addition, Kay should get a medal for her patience.

Liz Smith

Beginner’s Watercolour

I learned so much: choosing materials; stretching paper; different washes; really understanding colour mixing – and with only six tubes of paint.  I’d never used water colour before and found it very different – a bit like painting with smoke! – But Kay explained everything and it was very exciting and rewarding.  The lessons are a lovely mix of theory, demonstration and practical activities.  I’ve since looked at many books and they don’t even touch on half the really important stuff that Kay does in this course.

Intermediate Watercolour

I thought I’d learned loads on the beginners’ course but I developed and learned so much more on this one (still with only six tubes of paint).  The colour mixing lessons are inspired and should be on the national curriculum.  There are loads of opportunities to ask questions and try out the techniques.  Kay is so good at explaining things and encourages you to develop your own style.