Simple Backgrounds

Backgrounds needn’t be scary! Exciting and fun techniques and tips for some simple but effective backgrounds.

5 wks. Starts Monday 13th Apri  Session times 1-3pm. Course fee £50

Broad & Loose!

Many of us enjoy the beautiful spontaneous qualities of a painting painted in a broad and loose style. Come and learn how you can paint in this way. Lots of helpful tips to help you achieve this.

5 wks. Starts Thursday 16th Apri  Session times 1-3pm. Course fee £50

Painting Skies

Skies can be either the main subject matter or simply a supporting element. Techniques will be taught for a variety of different types of sky.

5 wks. Starts Thursday 21st May  Session times 1-3pm. Course fee £50

Free Choice


Any subject matter, any painting medium and any level of ability. One to one general advice on your painting project or you can focus your learning on a particular aspect. Book in for any number of sessions.

10 wks. Starts Wednesday 3rd June  Session times 1-3pm. Course fee £10 per session

Making a Start with Silk Painting

A beautiful art form, that’s so easy to learn. We shall be looking at the French Sertie method, which encloses each area of the picture with a light coloured line of gutta (a manmade equivalent to wax), that acts as a “fence”. The materials will be provided. Use your finished silk for paintings, cushion covers, greeting cards, place mats etc.
No experience necessary, and materials are provided.

5 wks. Starts Monday 1st June  Session times 1-3pm. Course fee £43

Coloured Pencil

An easy to use medium, which can create surprising richness of colour. Using artist quality coloured pencils come and learn some
intriguing techniques to create rich glowing colours that have a beautiful natural sheen.

3 wks. Starts Friday 3rd July  Session times 9:30-4:30pm. Course fee £120

Learn to Draw in 5 Lessons

Haven’t learnt to draw? Then this course is perfect for you. You will learn how to see and draw in the way an artist does. The course builds perceptual skills using some intriguing methods. These will allow you to draw more easily. By week five you will be ready to produce your final drawing project. An excellent first step if you intend to learn to paint.

5 wks. Starts Monday 6th July  Session times 9:30-4:30pm. Course fee £180

Doodle Days!

Anyone can doodle; it’s so very simple. No drawing or painting experience is necessary for this thoroughly
absorbing art form. You will learn how to develop your own doodle patterns that are used to fill either a provided
template design, or your own template design. (Suitable for adults, and children from 12 years of age).

1 Day. Thursday 30th July  Session time 9:30-4:30pm. Course fee £40